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Welcome To B.A.S.O.L. Games

As a fairly new company making mainly Ios apps for the Iphone and Ipad this page won’t contain much information but as the games increase you will find more here. You can click on any link in the sidebar to go directly to the game information on this site and you can also find a link on this starting page and on the games information page leading you directly to a page where you can buy the app.

Asteroid Lander can be found here

Bird Season – can be found here

Space Canyon – is now available here

Magic Math Wizard – is found here

Tabata Interval Training Countdown Timer – coming soon

Below are some screenshots of the games we have out

Bird Season   

  bird ret 5

Space Canyon

sc ret 5

Magic Math Wizard


                 Asteroid Lander                      Tabata  Timer

sl ret 5    TabRetina3