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AL512Asteroid Lander is an addictive fast paced game that can keep you occupied for hours or for just a few minutes while you are waiting for someone or need something to do. Your asteroid base has been hit by an asteroid storm and is tumbling around while your fleet of ships have only enough oxygen to land there or die trying. The problem is there is only a set amount of time before the shields weaken and the doors have to be closed leaving your ships stranded. With each ship that does land you can take some of it’s shield power that will give you those extra few seconds to bring in more ships.

You start off with 60 seconds from the time your first ship is in range and for each complete landing you will gain an extra 5 seconds. Your score increases as the level gets harder which it will, with each successful landing the asteroids will move faster and appear more often. Added to that your base will start to move faster as the asteroids hit hard further and further out of orbit leaving a steeper angle where the base appears smaller. With the base being that much smaller you will also have to lander more gently.

You have to tilt the screen from side to side to move your ships, touching the screen fires the thrusters but don’t expect to go from dropping like a stone to full power, the thrusters work gradually. Also if you hit the base at full speed you will crash and with each level the speed at which you can hit the base without exploding goes down a bit.

You  can buy the app from Asteroid Lander or search the app store for Asteroid Lander. Below are a few screenshots . The first screen is from the Ipad, the second from the retina Iphone and the 3rd the standard Iphone. Click on any image to see it enlarger but please remember the quality is worse the bigger it gets (the Iphone is only a 4inch screen so enlarging pictures this big will distort the quality).

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