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Cannonball Cow Tipping-Information

apple-touch-icon-512×512-precomposedCannonball Cow Tipping – After making a drunken bet in your local bar you wake the next morning realising what you had done. Betting your car that you could tip over cows was daft but saying you could do it in a certain time limit was even dafter. Never mind, you soon worked out a cunning plan and borrowed an old antique cannon and cannonballs.

Prime the cannon by flicking the small cannonball along it’s track, once it bounces at the top it’s primed. After that depending on where it lands is how much elevation you have used. Tilt the screen to the sides to set the cannon angle and hope to hit the cow hard enough to tip it. Be careful of the watchful bulls though, they have enough power with a running start to deal out some real damage to the cannon.

If you manage to make the target amount of cows tipped you know you will end up increasing the bet by trying from a further distance but be careful, you’ve only borrowed so many cannonballs. Be carful not to scare too many cows off by landing cannonballs too near, they’ll only take so much of that before fleeing the field.


Lasting gameplay, hours of fun.
Fun graphics, especially fun for the kids
Catchy music
Unlimited levels
Touch screen and tilt for full control

A review of our game can be found her at by clicking the link.

We’ve included some screenshots below to give you some idea of what the game looks like. You can buy Cannonball Cow Tipping here now from the AppStore.

 cb-retina4    cb-retina3

             cb-retina1 cb-retina2