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Magic Maths Wizard Information

apple-touch-icon-512×512-precomposedMagic Math Wizard is a game that will help keep your brain sharp while letting you know how stupid you are for getting the questions wrong. It sounds quite simple to make a certain answer with a set amount of numbers but it can be harder than expected.

As an example at the start of the game you may have 5 numbers showing, 3,8,5,6 and 8. The question may be to make 13 using 3 numbers, 8+8-3, easy right? Wait until it asks for a number over a thousand using 5 numbers while there are 8 showing. It can get quite hard especially as you’re going against a timer.

Run out of time or get a question wrong for an insult. Make it to the end of the game with less than 30 wrong to be able to send it in to the high score table which will be shown monthly in the table below. Only those with less than 30 wrong can get on this leaderboard. You may also send your email address (which doesn’t show) and get entered into our free draw where so many winners as well as the person on top of the leaderboard will get a free copy of each of our games.





Below is the top score table for July


Position Player Name Wrong Score
1 Test 29 0
2 12 0
3 fghh 27 0
4 0 0