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512x512Bird Season is a hunter game with good graphics and a large element of fun. We’ve added a few little extras to make the game a little more difficult. To start with you have taken your child with you who insisted on bringing his pet parrot and boxer dog. While you realise the dog could be useful you can’t see any good coming from having a parrot with you.

Touch the screen where you want to shoot but realise after each shot you need to wait while reloading. Be careful to only shoot the birds in season. There are 3 main seasons and 2 open seasons if you make it that far. While in the first 3 seasons you can only shoot the correct bird or you will risk being caught poaching there are also 2 seasons at the end allowing you to shoot any bird.

You will also see some larger birds going by, the Condor and the Eagle, both of which are worth extra points and can be shot at any time. You must be careful though, every so often the parrot will escape its cage and if you shoot that you will have to leave early to take your tearful child to get a new pet. You start with 60 seconds but each poached bird will mean 6 seconds from the next round as you try to keep ahead of the Gamekeeper. As an added bonus you can tilt the screen and if your dog catches the correct birds before they hit the ground you will get extra points.

This game is designed for some quick fun, a maximum of 5 minutes playing time each game so it is handy while you have to wait a few minutes. You can buy Bird Season from the link or search Bird Season at the AppStore. Screenshots are below and can be made bigger by clicking them but be aware that they expand bigger than the device they are designed for so may appear distorted at full screen. You can find the game by clicking Bird Season (awaiting review at the moment so link not working).

 bird ret 3

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