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SpaceCanyonSpace Canyon takes you back to the classic days of fighting through wave after wave of aliens until you get to fight the motherships, one at each level.

You start by flying your space fighter down a moon canyon fighting your way through different alien ships. Each stage lasts a certain amount of time at the end of which different (random) aliens will appear. After so many stages you get to fight the Mothership before moving on to another part of the canyon to fight new aliens.

With over 140 stages this game will last and last. This includes hidden levels which are nigh on impossible without using the power-ups you can collect along the way such as lasers, shields, extra guns and even a new Omni-directional bomb that drills to the centre of the motherships before exploding outwards.


  • Lasting gameplay, hours of fun.
  • Excellent graphics, especially the motherships
  • Catchy music
  • Over 140 levels with rising difficulty levels
  • Touch screen control to move your ship and use powerships

We’ve included some screenshots below to give you some idea of what the game looks like and now have a short You-tube video here. You can buy Space Canyon here now from the AppStore.

  sc ret 5

sc ret 1

sc ret 2

sc ret 4

sc ret 3